Crime From A Different POV

I have so far completed two projects. I have finished the first draft of the third project and I am working on the outline of the fourth one.
The first project is called The Vertigo Shot. It is the story of a pair of siblings going on a rampage in their own home and killing all members of their immediate family. One of them will kill herself and her child and the other will blame the massacre on his mentally deranged sister. The appeal to this story was just that, the brother’s insistence of his innocence and the use of his sister’s mental problem as his scapegoat. It was a fun project to right and thought me a lot about portraying mental behaviours in the best possible and objective way.
The second project is called More Hungry Boys. It is the story of a couple of elderly farmers hitting hard times. They are old, tired, and terribly distressed at having to beg their creditors for some more time. When the chance to make some extra money comes along, they grab it. Little do they know that the farm hand they have employed to help them  has caught on with their little scam and has started ‘’hiring’’ his own ‘’farm hands’’ to satisfy his desire for murder.
The third project is called Pay-for-Play. It is the story of a very successful male escort and his subsequent decline into mass murder when he is rejected by the very people who used to shower him with money for a little bit of his time.
The fourth project is called I Did It For Attention. It is the story of a girl who, after a cancer scare, finds out that life isn’t that great without people’s attention. To get it back, she reinvents herself as a chemo patient.

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