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  1. Glad you liked Chicago Stories: West of Western. I tried to make Sister Ann both a stone killer and understandable. She could be a saint–she risked a lot to nurse a dying teenager with AIDS (I thought about having her get AIDS in the process) and she kills the gangbangers who threaten Seraphy. Then there’s her other side.

    And there’s Mario, the gang leader with the MBA. Most readers didn’t like Sister Ann but did like Mario. Even tho he’s killed and done whatever to become the gang leader, he and Seraphy bond. Have you read FREAKONOMICS? The author follows a real Chicago gang that has a college-educated leader (but he’s not as attractive as Mario).

    After reading your home page, I can understand why you might find them appealing. If you have the time, would you consider writing a short review on Amazon ? Needless to say, I’d be glad to return the favor whenever.

  2. Hi Saw your invite “Crime Authors Wanted” on Linkedin and wondered if I might be suitable.

    I am Merlin Fraser author of the Inner Space trilogy of Inspector Nick Burton Murder Mystery stories with a hint of the paranormal.

    You can check me out at and drop me a line if you think me suitable.

  3. Hello. I’d like to contact you about being profiled for your website. My debut novel, “Murder in the Dog Park: Bad Girl. Good Cop. Bad Dog” will be published this spring.

    My email is

    Thank you,
    Jill Yesko

  4. I have written a book/ movie treatment, “RAMON #17988.” It is about the consequences of crime; ongoing felony convictions while serving time for prior convictions–personal history at its worst! I wont pretend that this story meets the criteria of this site/forum. Perhaps you will accept/tolerate my presumptuous intrusion? I am merely seeking exposure. I must offer: this story has been preserved by the Nebraska State Historical Society, has been featured on Nebraska Educational Television, and has been adapted to a screenplay. The 15-minute documentary by NET is a summation of “RAMON #17988.” Google “ray tapia nebraska” click “SATEWIDE.”
    Respectfully, Ray

    • Hi Ray, Thanks for getting in touch. If you’re wiling to write a guest post about it or anything else you’d like, I should be more than happy to put it up on my blog.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      All the best

  5. You were kind enough to invite me to post about my Victorian epic DISTANT THUNDER last year. I wonder if you’d be interested in the following bit of news?

    My million-seller of ten years ago REDEMPTION BLUES (T.D.Griggs, Amazon) – a modern day psychological crime drama – is just out for the very first time as an e-book. This sold in huge numbers mostly in Germany and Europe, but it’s new to most English language readers, and entirely new as an e-book. Would anyone be interested in looking at this with a view to reviewing it, or perhaps for the story behind it? I have always been conventionally published and this is my first foray into Amazon e-book publishing, with some interesting results.

    Meanwhile DISTANT THUNDER (by T.D.Griggs, Orion Books) has just come out in mass mkt p’back. Of course I’d be delighted if someone wanted to talk to me about it again on any level. The timing would be great – for me, at least.

    As ever, happy also to contribute guest blogs etc.



    REDEMPTION BLUES (by T.D.Griggs) is now available for the first time as an e-book on A million sales in hard copies overseas – but it’s hardly been read in UK. If you liked DISTANT THUNDER (by T.D.Griggs) and THE WARNING BELL (by pen-name Tom Macaulay) then let me brighten your universe once again!

    For more info, take a look at my website at, and follow me on Twitter @TDGRIGGS1 or e-mail

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