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THOUGHTS OF JASON DORRIS – a character from the crime novel GET CLEAN by JAMS N. ROSES

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SoaSK_Front_Cover“Imagine that, being told that there wasn’t enough work for everyone, and me being the mug that gets sent home early, out of pocket. Why me? Fucking assholes.

And then what? I walk two miles home in the searing heat, and find my girlfriend getting boned in the front room by her ex-boyfriend, that slimy, spic motherfucker Pedro. Fuck that, people round ‘ere must think I’m a cunt. But I showed ‘em, yeah, I showed ‘em alright.

Those couple of spics won’t forget the day they fucked over Jason Dorris. Sneaking about behind my back, what, do you think I’m stupid? I’ll tell you something for nothing though; the scars on her face won’t make it easy for her to give her pussy away in future. And him, he’ll be lucky if he can think straight without dribbling spit all over ‘imself, he’s fucked.

Yeah, those cunts’ll remember me, if they ever wake up, that is. Fucking Spanish didn’t know what hit ‘em. And they’ll never find me even if they do come around. That’s it, I’m gone. Bag packed, my Aussie passport and my Irish passport and a bit of their cash as well. Just a loan mind you, they’ll get it back when I see ‘em in hell. Fucking assholes.

So ‘ere I am, sat on the bus and heading down the coast, the ‘Costa Del Crime’ as the English call it, gonna see what all the fuss is about.

Maybe I’ll find myself a new ‘chica’ to help me get involved with the players down there and set up my own business. It’s full of powder down there, like the rest of Spain but worse, the first port of call for the cocaine, inbound from the Americas, apparently.

Well I’ll soon find out, and then I’ll get involved. I just need to calm it down for a bit, lay low for a while, find my contacts, wait for the right moment and then bring it to ‘em Jason style.

I’ll have the rich kids eating fucking powder from the palm of my hand. If anybody gets in my way, I’ll crack some more skulls. People are gonna realize that I’m a live wire, a dangerous Aussie who doesn’t give a shit.

Here I come, Marbella, ready or not.”

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Get_Clean_Alternative_Cover (1)Jams N. Roses under the spotlight?

Do you really want to see all of my imperfections?

Over the next few paragraphs, I’ll try and summarize where I’m coming from, so you’ll maybe have an idea as to what to expect from my writing.

I am not a criminal, not in the sense that I’ll rob your bag when you’re not looking, or I’ll steal the food from your plate even when I’m not hungry, just to be a nuisance. I won’t threaten you in the street for looking at me funny, nor will I throw bricks at your windows if you don’t give me a cigarette when I ask for one.

But I have been arrested on more than one occasion. I’ve been locked up, I’ve had my prints and mug shots taken and of course, as a sign of the times, they’ve even taken my DNA. But I’m not a real criminal.

And I’m not a drug addict either. Although if I’m honest,  I’d have to tell you that in several of the recent years of my life, I’ve spent more money on cocaine, alcohol and cigarettes than I’ve spent on the rent for the dirty, little apartment that I’d been living in.

I’ve mistreated friends and loved ones and lost some people that were close to my heart, but at the time I was too blinded to see the irreparable damage I was doing to relationships.

Things change, and people change, too.

Luckily, after all the stunts I’d pulled, all the ridiculous and dangerous situations I’d found myself in, things started to go on track.

I’m a daddy now, and that little boy of mine is the angel that keeps me away from trouble, away from even the situations where trouble could potentially arise. Of course, I am no angel, but I am no sinner.

I have found a way to channel my naughty side, a way to allow my mind to have a free run with its mischievous ideas and not cause any trouble, and nobody gets hurt or embarrassed or let down.

I found that by writing my thoughts, those dark little waves of energy in my head, down onto paper, or tapping them into a keyboard and onto a computer, relieved some of my desire to be in the mix myself. I stopped needing to be in the bars or the pubs and didn’t need to be high or drunk to have fun.

I’ve learnt that by creating a separate world where anything goes, I can keep the world in which my son walks and plays as safe and as beautiful as possible.

I draw on my previous experiences for my writing. ‘Get Clean’ is based loosely on my drug problems and the time I spent living on the notorious southern coast of Spain. ‘Son of a Serial Killer’ is heavily based on the thoughts and emotions I had during the break-up of a serious relationship, which all seemed too much when on top of the other daily struggles we all go through.

I hope to have an exciting life in the future, one that I can draw on for future ideas and plots and characters for my fiction novels, who knows, maybe I’ll even get to write a love story, but I’m not holding my breath!

Both of my novels are available now on Amazon here…

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Get Clean –

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m_2011_17 (3)As a tiny mite – perhaps not so ‘tiny’ – I loved Friday evenings. Why? It was on a Friday evening that I went to the library with an aunt. I loved the silence of the book-lined rooms but more than that the smell of the books.  No, ‘smell’ is not the right word: it should be aroma or bouquet or scent. Because of that – I’ll say aroma – I came to love books. Loved them so much that I wanted to write one myself: write lots of them!

So, now writing them, while also being the owner of about 5,000 which others have written, I swore that I will never ever download an e-book.

Swore, that is, until last month, when the publisher Dave Lyons of the UK’s ‘Raven Crest Books Ltd’ offered to publish my book ‘Die in Paris’ as an e-book, and I agreed.

So I quickly had to buy a reading device and having done so and seeing my own book appear on the screen and being able to turn the pages with a click of the mouse or a slight brush across the screen with a finger, I can not stop buying e-books.  As I tell everyone: one does not have to wait for the postman to deliver the books but can start reading them right away, and they are cheaper than the print books, and, unless one is on Forbes’ ‘Richest People in the World’ list, one needs to think of that kind of thing.

‘Die in Paris’ is a cross between true crime and history, but I now have a novel with my agent Owen Burnham of the ‘L & C Literary Agency’ of London. The novel – ‘For the love of a Poet’ – is set in Russia. Rather, in the Soviet Union of the 1930s ruled by the dictator Josef Stalin. A Russophile (I have Russian grandparents and great-grandparents) I’ve wanted to write about Stalin for about twenty years and I also wanted to write about the Russian poet, novelist and Nobel Prize in Literature laureate, Boris Pasternak. So, in ‘For the love of a Poet’ I write about both.

I have another two projects on the drawing board – or rather on my computer’s hard disk.

One is another novel – ‘Bella … Bella … Bella … A French Life’ – set in the 1980s in France, in the beautiful Normandy, and with flashbacks to the 1960s. I have 48,000 words written. The novel is full of music of the 1960s and 1980s. It is also full of food: well, it is set in France!

The other project is a book about the death of Princess Diana. I believe that Princess Diana was assassinated that night of August 30/31 1997 in Paris. My agent has a 55-page proposal for the book which he has discussed with London publishers. He tells me that those publishers he has spoken to feel that the book will endanger my life and they will not be able to protect me. As the French say: Voilà!

The question now is: do I write the book – working title is ‘Scenario of a Death’?

Or do I finish ‘Bella…’?

What I do know is that I would like whichever book of mine is published next to appear as a print book but also simultaneously as an e-book.