In crime on February 20, 2013 at 12:00 pm

My million-seller of ten years ago REDEMPTION BLUES (T.D.Griggs, Amazon) – a modern day psychological crime drama – is just out for the very first time as an e-book. This sold in huge numbers mostly in Germany and Europe, but it’s new to most English language readers, and entirely new as an e-book. Would anyone be interested in looking at this with a view to reviewing it, or perhaps for the story behind it? I have always been conventionally published and this is my first foray into Amazon e-book publishing, with some interesting results.

Meanwhile DISTANT THUNDER (by T.D.Griggs, Orion Books) has just come out in mass mkt p’back. Of course I’d be delighted if someone wanted to talk to me about it again on any level. The timing would be great – for me, at least.

REDEMPTION BLUES (by T.D.Griggs) is now available for the first time as an e-book on A million sales in hard copies overseas – but it’s hardly been read in UK. If you liked DISTANT THUNDER (by T.D.Griggs) and THE WARNING BELL (by pen-name Tom Macaulay) then let me brighten your universe once again!

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  1. I will download it and review it and it will be a great pleasure.

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