LITTLE’S TOOLBOX: BOOK ONE The Shocking Real Life Events That Lead To The 1986 Toolbox Sacramento Murder by LAURA SAVAGE

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This is a very personal story for me, and it is a story that I could not have told without the help of Tim Sugars. It is the product of many thousands of pages of letters exchanged between us over the years since 2006 when I contacted Tim myself. In Book One I will tell you all the story of Toolbox Tim, convicted of a gruesome crime in Sacramento, California back in 1986.  Book One is the story of the people that where closest to him in the years leading up to his crime and incarceration.

In the second book, Toolbox Tale’s, which is due to be released in December 2012, I invite you to listen to the same story told from the perspective of Toolbox himself. You will see it is a vastly different story to Little’s version.  In Book Two you will witness a man locked in a battle to keep himself together after a life altering brain injury and a plunge into the dark life of a drug addict after the abandonment of his family.

Like me, you may weep to see him fall as he did. But he is not a man to stay down and his story continues to ‘Surprise’ me, even faced with a life time in prison. I hope you enjoy both of my introductory Novels, Little’s Toolbox Books One & Two.

New to the world of Novel publication, “Little” Laura Savage was born in 1964 and immediately adopted into a Sacramento, CA. family. By the time I was in the second grade ours was one of the first broken homes and as a result my brother and I were raised in poverty.

I had my first child when I was only seventeen and in love with an older guy. Now I am Mother of two great people and one very awesome granddaughter. As a parent I finally chose to move my children out of the Sacramento valley and find a small country town to raise them in.  We ended up in the Nevada City area where we all learned more about living sustainably and taking care of the environment. I am a country girl at heart who also loves books, great stories, ghostly stories, growing her own food, animals of all shapes and sizes, sustainable living, family and rascally kids.

I love all kinds of music, but especially Alanis Morrissette, Queen and Puscifer to name a few. My favorite movie is Fiddler on the Roof, hands down and my favorite books are far too numerous to list, but here are a few that come right to mind; Cleopatra’s Memoirs, the entire Horse Clan series, Arthur’s Goon, anything by Anne Rice or Steven King, all Dragon Riders of Pern books,  on and on. So many thousands of books I have read and loved.

Now that I am in my forty’s I felt that contacting my sons dad in the California prison system and learning the truth of his story was going to change more than just my own life. I was ready to go beyond the dirty rumors that had circulated for years and dig up the real deal. There are some things that I feel very passionately about a few being; the state of California’s Prison State/System, Freedom of Religion, California’s Proposition 215 patient rights, and the value of the Herbal Therapist and our basic human rights to Healthy Medicine, Cosmetics and Food.

As I became interested in the prison system for my own personal reasons, it became impossible for me not to notice the state of the California prison system, not to mention the state of America’s prisons. Most especially the number of Lifer prisoners rotting away towards old age, locked in cages and completely dependent. My son’s dad, who now goes by the name Toolbox or Tool, has been in prison now for more years that he lived as a free man, nearly thirty years. His story is only one of many. And through even Supreme Court Judge Anthony Kline knows that recidivism among Lifers is Less than 1% and we have over 14,000 of them over 55 years old, we fear their release, even if we don’t know or understand their crime.

Aside from a creative fiction class at the local community college here and a basic passion for books and writing, I have no great qualifications to write this or any book. With respect to that, I still think that you will greatly enjoy both stories. Little’s Toolbox Book One and Toolbox Tale’s Book Two.


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