In crime on August 6, 2012 at 6:35 am
Up until a couple of years ago, Mike Markel never knew how good he had it as a writer. He would write academic articles about writing, which nobody read, but that was okay because nobody was supposed to read them. And he would write textbooks about writing, which many thousands of people read.
The best thing about these textbooks is that all he had to do was write them. The publisher did the rest. The publisher edited them, proofread them, secured the permissions, designed the cover, compiled the index, and–best of all–marketed them. The publisher wrote, printed, and mailed thousands of brochures and sales pieces, and placed many large ads in appropriate journals and magazines. And there would be a team of dozens of smart, aggressive salespeople criss-crossing the country, persuading college teachers to compel their students–25, 100, 500 of them at a time–to buy his textbooks. And, oddly enough, they would.
Then, he started to write fiction. Now he writes, he proofreads, he markets, and–worst of all–readers buy only one copy at a time. “All of this work,” he writes, “just so I can kill people without having to go to jail.”
His new book, Deviations, is a sequel to Big Sick Heart, which features a mismatched pair of detectives. “I really like Ryan Miner,” Markel says. “He’s honest, hardworking, and cheerful, and he uses correct grammar. I could get along with him. But I’m scared of Karen Seagate. Her life has fallen apart. Her drinking has cost her her family. For companionship she turns to the guy on the next stool at the bar. She’s insubordinate, erratic, and impulsive, and sometimes she goes off the grid. She gets herself hurt badly. Her vocabulary blows. The only thing she does well is catch the bad guy. Overall, I find her very disturbing.”
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