In crime on July 23, 2012 at 6:49 am

I have 13 ebook novels ($4.95) on Amazon, Apple bookstore, Barnes & Noble, etc. Today, eleven of the thirteen are also available as trade paperbacks ($7.99-$8.99) from Amazon and Wildside Press. Wildside will be releasing my latest book, The Concrete Kiss, as a trade paperback ($8.99) within the next six to eight weeks.

My favorite book is The Concrete Kiss and my second favorite book is Shooting Crows At Dawn.

Collections of my crime short stories and science fiction short stories are available for $.99 each on Amazon, Apple, Smashwords, etc.

I like the work of Martin Cruz Smith, Michael Connelly, Lee Child, Robert Crais, Lawrence Kellerman and John Connolly. Two of my favorite novels are The Godfather and The Silence Of The Lambs.

For a free ebook copy of my latest book, The Concrete Kiss

Go to:

Click “Add to Cart”

Enter the coupon Code HD53B  (Coupon expires on 07-31-12)

Click “Checkout”

Scroll down to the “Download” choices and then download the ebook in the file format appropriate to your reader.

My Author Page at Amazon is:
My web site is: http://www.DavidGraceAuthor.Com


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