In crime on May 1, 2012 at 6:26 am

Most people live life by routine and are used to the experiences that they feel day to day. Of course life is filled with surprises that often enhance our emotions, but often these enhanced feelings don’t have to be waited on, they can be planned.

Books are often the solution. The words allow us to experience things one wouldn’t normally experience and it breaks up our day-to-day routine. It provides entertainment, escape, and evokes emotions, as each sentence connects to another, and as each paragraph builds on the other.

When it comes to crime fiction, it brings along a special ingredient – to be part of a world that normally a person wouldn’t dare approach let alone enter.

It yanks the reader out of their comfort zone and places them in the extreme, and often the unknown. Even though it provides the vital experiences one would want from a book, it is delivered in an arena that is foreign which allows for intrigue and gives the reader another dimension than what can be offered from other types of books.

Crime stories often restore order to chaos, whether a police procedural or a gang story. Readers may or may not be aware that this is something they also want from a book; that is not just a story, but to know that even though the world is crazy, things will be ok, there is hope.

There are also many levels to crime fiction. When one looks deeper into a story, there is often a grain of truth to them, a subliminal message, that perhaps even the writer is not fully aware of and the full impact that their story can have. Sometimes this can be soul searching, or even a message about the society that we live in.

This is why character is so important, and vital in crime stories. Suspense and thrills are needed, however character is what sticks with the reader and what they grab onto when entering the storm.

Crime stories shouldn’t only be read but they should be pondered and discussed, as there is much to be discovered beneath the ride of the narrative, the detailed descriptions, and sharp dialogue.

Hardit Singh
Next week, we’ll have a completely novelty take on crime. Don’t miss Robin Rickards!

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