In crime on April 21, 2012 at 6:41 am

Edgar Allan Poe's grave, Baltimore Maryland De...

A serial killer copies Edgar Allan Poe’s crimes in 1849’s Baltimore, dragging onto himself the cops and the writer he is drawing inspiration from.

Interesting, gripping and atmospheric.

I found John Cusack suitable for the role of Edgar Allan Poe and the story well paced.

It seems the idea stems from the writer’s mysterious death on a park bench that very year.

I did watch the Italian dubbed version, as I found it absolutely impossible to find the English anywhere on the web (it’s getting harder and harder to watch movies online without the burden of a fee).

I understand there’s another version of the The Raven dated back to 1935.

The Raven(2012 film)

The Raven (2012 film)


James McTeigue


Ben Livingston (screenplay), Hannah Shakespeare(screenplay)


John Cusack, Alice Eve  and Luke Evans


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