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First I want to thank you for inviting me to post information about my book on your blog and the captivating teaser you gave your readers.  Before confusion sets in, let me explain that I am a writer with a dual personality.  Sherrel Lee writes contemporary fantasy while my alter ego Lee Leslie delves into the dark works of real and imagined serial killersI chose to write under two different names so that I wouldn’t confuse the readers of my books.  I personally find it jarring when I fall in love with a book and the next book I pick up bears no similarity to what I read before.  I don’t want that to happen to my readers though if they like both genres I will be happy to have them know where to look. 

A little about Lee Leslie:  Lee started writing as soon as it was possible to control the movement of pencil over paper. Classics such as “Barbie Goes to the Beauty Shop” and” My Puppy Likes to Play” were some of the less notable endeavors of those early years.One of her first real life employment opportunities was as a dispatcher for a small town police department.  Between calls for assistance from the citizenry and sending help to officers embroiled in breaking up fights or fast paced chases (not so many), she met a few unsavory folks and her imagination wrote the stories of their large, small and imagined deadly crimes.

At night Lee devoured every real crime story, mystery and thriller she could find as well as a little science-fiction and dark fantasy. This, along with characters demanding to be set free from the confines of her psyche, led her to intensify her efforts to master the art of writing. This pursuit confirmed what she and her family already knew, her imagination descends into murky and chilling depths.

Police photograph of the murder scene of Mary ...

Police photograph of the murder scene of Mary Jane Kelly, the 5th canonical victim of Jack the Ripper. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

RipHer by Lee Leslie is a historical fiction, based on the true crimes attributed to Jack the Ripper.  The story is the result of this writer wondering – would a woman have been a better investigator than the men who were blind to the changes occurring in the world.  This unexplored possibility provided other things to think about like – why were those particular women killed?So, where did I come up with this idea?  For 

me this was a response to the call of the muse that captured me.  The muse planted people and conversations in my brain and these people talked to me and danced a deadly waltz across my mind.  The only acceptable way for me to explain this to friends and family was to write.  Writing will hopefully keep the world from deciding I am more than a bit insane.

RipHer became my passion after I saw a special on the Jack the Ripper killings.  After the show I found I had to read about the crimes in more detail (again) and learned more about the times and the attitudes during this period.  It seemed to me the men investigating the murders hunted for the killer based on the rumors that flowed through the news and public accusations.  I couldn’t find much about how the investigators actually determined who to arrest.  Rumors led to many different suspects.   The killer was a butcher.  The killer was a doctor. The killer was a prince. 

RipHer is not the story of the murders and the investigation you have read before or seen as a movie.  The story has a woman (Dr. Rowena Radcliffe) going to the crime scenes and exploring how and why the women were killed.  It proposes a possible answer to why the five women were selected.  And of course, as a historical fiction, the killer is found and hauled in to pay for the crimes.  I guess the feminist that I discovered existed in my subconscious, wondered if a woman had been the person investigating the murders would the search for the killer have been any different.  

Cartoon criticising the police for their inabi...

In my research I discovered that fingerprinting was offered by so me as a way to identify people.  However the police departments throughout the world scoffed at the idea of using this as a method of detection.  I also learned that some scientists were beginning to believe killers could be profiled – again law enforcement shrugged and thought this a useless tool.   (If the investigators and their superiors had only been privy to television shows like Criminal Minds the investigators would have pounced on the opportunity to use the new tools to find the killer.)  The writer in me took these bits of information and the idea of a woman involved in the investigations and ran away with it. Murder

Streetmap showing the locations of the first s...

 is not fun – but writing something where your character gets the bad guy was satisfying for me the author.  It is my hope readers will be pleased that this tale offers is a different perspective of the crimes. RipHer presents a viewpoint that hasn’t been explored before. I hope you are enticed to pick up the book and let me know what you think.  Your comments are welcome on my Facebook Page.

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(RipHer by Lee Leslie is currently available on and in paperback and Kindle editions.  And if you might consider a fantasy look for my alter ego Sherrel Lee’s book Valens Rise)

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