In crime on January 10, 2012 at 7:38 am

Are you a true crime reader? Would you like to appear on LaeLand to talk about your interest?

What makes you go straight to the true crime section when you enter a bookstore? What prompts you to pick up a true crime book?

If you would like to give an answer to these questions and add some of your own, please go  to one of the links on the blog or leave us a comment below.

Here’s  Sue to tell us about herself and her passion for true crime stories.

I would say I am an exclusive true crime reader. Very little else interests me.

I am a quiet, 51 year old woman who has been reading true crime since I was probably 12 yrs old.

The book I remember reading in its entirety first was Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliousi and I was absolutely fascinated.

I love Ann Rule and have read all her books including her latest In the Still of the Night.

A great author will cover the principle characters, the environment, a little history of the victims/killers, offer a little psychological detail, trial and outcome.

When I read Ann Rule I get transported to the city where the story takes place.

I have a distinct idea of who the victim is as well as the killer but she still manages to throw in a few surprises.

Nothing better than a great book!!!

The author interview will be back next week. Don’t miss it!


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