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True crime writer Victoria Pynchon ponders about new venues open to authors  and the new opportunities in her article in Forbes. 

“To move out of my comfort zone. I can take more chances”  

“Whether or not we choose to, the realization that we authors can go it on our own is exhilarating.

We can take more risk and exercise our creativity. We’re assured that our efforts aren’t limited to signing a traditional book contract. Whether or not our books find adoring editors, we know our work will get published.”

The dilemma and final decision of a seasoned and well-recognized author.

What about the not so well-thought of authors, the ones who haven’t yet broken through the agents and publishers’ interests. Is self-publishing still a valuable option for them?

It depends on what one’s main goal is. If it is to get published and see one’s efforts in print, then it certainly is. If it is to be recognized and valued and appreciated as an author then the recognition of an agent or publisher is still important.

I am aware that these aren’t novel thoughts. Considerations like these have been knocking about in writers’ head since the e-book appeared on the scene, but for me it is still the main reason that keeps me writing and subbing to that elusive agent/publisher who will eventually tell me they can see and feel magic in my words.

via True Crime Writer Ponders Career Change in eBook World – Forbes.


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