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“Real-life crimes, scandals, tragedies and murders either influenced the work of Agatha Christie – the world’s most popular mystery writer – or affected the lives of many famous personalities involved in her long and brilliant career,” writes the History Press.

“In Agatha Christi’s True Crime Inspirations, Mike Holgate reveals how Christie adapted real-life cases – both local and national – for her fiction.”

“Discover how The Queen of Crime’s fertile imagination was fuelled by the exploits of Jack the Riper, which became the inspiration for the serial killing s in The ABC Murders.

And this is only a small sample of all the goodies you will find in Holgate’s book.

Roger Rapaport tells us that  “Stranger Than Fiction: Agatha Christie’s True Crime Inspirations” (The History Press) by Mike Holgate is well researched. Did you know it was Lord Mountbatten who came up with the plot twist for “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd”?”

So what you’re waiting for? Go out and buy it.

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