In acquittal, anger, death, innocent, jail, Kercher, Knox, loved one, murder, verdict, victim's family on October 4, 2011 at 5:32 pm

The Kercher’s family is appealing Knox’s acquittal.

I don’t know what the Kirchers are going through. I have never had anyone close to me murder.

However, I can imagine that to have an innocent person, or in this case two innocent people, convicted of the murder of a loved one doesn’t really bring closure to the victim’s family. Or does it?

The Kerchers’ anger at Knox’s acquittal, gives me the impression that they would be happy for the first man or woman walking down the street to be grabbed and thrown in jail for life.

It may be that they’re stunned by the verdict and they are still in pain for the death of their loved one, but I think they should stop talking and get in touch with their inner self.

The life sentence of two innocent people will not give the Kirchers closure. It would only ruin two more lives.

Meredith Kercher family vows to support appeal – Europe, World – The Independent.


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