In crime, crime rate, Eruope, Greece, serial killer, society's pressure, socio-economic pressure on October 1, 2011 at 7:18 am

“Why is the murder rate in America so different than what they have in Greece and, indeed, in most other European countries? Why does a city the size of Detroit have a murder tally more than twenty times higher than a city more than five times larger in terms of population?” asks Donna Pendergast in Women In Crime Ink.

An interesting question, wouldn’t you say?

As  far as I’m aware, the US of A also has the highest ratio of serial killers than any other country. So why is it?

I read some criminologists put it down to society’s value and pressure on the individual. Most serial killers feel undervalued, inadequate, never able to achieve the goal set out by the “American dream”.

What do you think? Read the article below then drop us a line to continue the discussion.

via Women in Crime Ink.


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