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The following wish is the first one in a list of ten found in the Ten of the weirdest wills ever article (link below).

I think this one though, The Great Stork Derby, is pretty good.

Have you ever made a will or been the recipient of a sum of money that bore an odd clause?

Drop us a line and share it with us.

In the meantime, read on….

1.The ‘Great Stork Derby’

When he died in 1926, Canadian lawyer and investor Charles Vance Millar was childless and had no near-relations to inherit his wealth.

As a practical joker, Millar willed the residue of his estate to the Toronto, Ontario woman who bore most babies in the decade after his death. In a close-fought race known as the Great Stork Derby, the eventual winners were four women who bore nine children apiece, each pocketing $125,000. Thus, Millar’s fortune gave at least 36 children a better start in life.

via Ten of the weirdest wills ever – Yahoo! UK & Ireland Finance.


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