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Ten of the world’s top crime writers are competing to have a new morgue and research facility in Scotland named after them.”

They are Tess Gerritsen, Kathy Reichs, Lee Child, Harlan Coben, Mark Billingham, Jeffrey Deaver, Jeff Lindsay, Stuart McBride, Peter James and Val McDermid.

The authors are participating in the competition in an attempt to raise £1M to help the University of Dundee.

For every donation you make, your favourite writer gets a vote.

Start writing those checks!

via Writers compete to have morgue named after them.



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“Katherine Thomson, who scripted several episodes of Killing Time, suggested that sometimes writers of true crime, whether in print or in a TV series, are used by the people they write about to clean up their lives.”

An interesting observation, don’t you think? Unfortunately I am not a subscriber of The Australian, therefore I will never know what Katherine Thomson meant with her statement.

If you know or you’re a subscriber of the above newspaper, we would be grateful if you could share your knowledge with us.

via Dirty business exposed in crime series Killing Time | The Australian.

Stuart MacBride

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An interview with Stuart MacBride and his take on IFOA, the International Festival of Authors taking place in Toronto, October 19 to 30.

The festival will “features 200 participants from 20 countries around the world.”

Have fun.

The IFOA Questionnaire: Stuart MacBride | Afterword | National Post.


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The book sounds interesting and so I thought of giving it some space  on my blog.

“Chronicling Trauma: Journalists and Writers on Violence and Loss” by Doug Underwood (University of Illinois Press, $50). A study of trauma and violence “in the careers and the writings of important journalist- literary figures in the United States and British Isles from the early 1700s to today,” says the publisher. Underwood, a former Seattle Times reporter, is a professor of communication at the University of Washington.”

via Books | Local books: writers and trauma, angels | Seattle Times Newspaper.


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True crime writer Victoria Pynchon ponders about new venues open to authors  and the new opportunities in her article in Forbes. 

“To move out of my comfort zone. I can take more chances”  

“Whether or not we choose to, the realization that we authors can go it on our own is exhilarating.

We can take more risk and exercise our creativity. We’re assured that our efforts aren’t limited to signing a traditional book contract. Whether or not our books find adoring editors, we know our work will get published.”

The dilemma and final decision of a seasoned and well-recognized author.

What about the not so well-thought of authors, the ones who haven’t yet broken through the agents and publishers’ interests. Is self-publishing still a valuable option for them?

It depends on what one’s main goal is. If it is to get published and see one’s efforts in print, then it certainly is. If it is to be recognized and valued and appreciated as an author then the recognition of an agent or publisher is still important.

I am aware that these aren’t novel thoughts. Considerations like these have been knocking about in writers’ head since the e-book appeared on the scene, but for me it is still the main reason that keeps me writing and subbing to that elusive agent/publisher who will eventually tell me they can see and feel magic in my words.

via True Crime Writer Ponders Career Change in eBook World – Forbes.


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Here’s a list of the scariest and most famous true crime books at the Hoover public library in Birmingham, Alabama.

From Ted Bundy to Jeffrey Dahmer. From Truman Capote to Ann Rules you’ll find what appeals to you.

The article by Amanda Bonner also gives interesting insight into the book’s origins.

A wonderful reading list for those truly scary Halloween nights.

Happy reading.

True-crime books offer real-life scary stories |


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Here’s a dick to author story courtesy of Ken Lang, the latest true crime writer sensation.

Lang has been nominated a winner at the The Author’s Show 2011 “50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading” for his first book Walking Among the Dead.

The book features stories of rape, robberies and murders that Lang dealt with  in the course of his 22 years in the police force.

Happy reading everyone.

True Crime Author, Ken Lang, Named “50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading”.


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“Writers always make a fuss.”

Now is that so? I wouldn’t know. And I find it hard to try to answer the question in the title as well.

Do you have any idea what a writer is?

Whatever your answer, why not check out the article below?

via Am I a writer? | Rick Gekoski | Books |


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An ode to a dead Britain.

This is what the article by Jonathan Jones is about. But is Britain’s art really defunct or just lying under the ashes?

Sure, long gone are the days when Tracy Emin scandalized the island with her unmade bed, but do we really need to look at the current exhibition of an obscure 1960 writer and feel nostalgic?

I think not. What do you think?

Joe Orton’s defaced library books and the death of rebellious art | Jonathan Jones | Comment is free |


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More books about true crime.

This one is by Robert Green about the murder of Hilda Murrell.

The fact happened in 1984 and it seems the wrong person was put away for it.

The book talks about the evidence uncovered to get that man released.

Happy reading.

Crime Watch: True crime: does a new book from a Kiwi author lift the lid on a controversial UK murder case?.