Mother Drove Getaway Car After Son, 11, Robbed Store

In finance company, former employee, mother, son, stickup on September 29, 2011 at 11:32 pm

Athens, TN- On January 8, police were called to a finance company where a clerk claimed a juvenile with his face covered held a gun to her head and demanded that she empty the cash register. The clerk said the little crook took $80 and escaped in a red vehicle. After investigating, the officers learned that a former employee of the finance company, Angela Evans, was the master-mind behind the robbery. Evans, 32, was the driver of the getaway car and her 11-year old son was the robber. Evans’ son admitted to police that his mother put him up to the armed robbery and he received $20 of the stolen money as his share. I cannot even get my teen to do her chores for $20 because even she knows that you can hardly buy shit nowadays with that amount of cash unless you go to the Dollar Store which basically sells shit. So, how this *ahem* mother was able to convince her son to hold a gun to a woman’s head and demand money which she ended up taking 75% of I would really like to know. It’s obvious that not only was she teaching her son the wrong way acquire money, but she also never helped the poor kid with his math homework. Way to go, Angela! You are one stupid skank!

via Mother Drove Getaway Car After Son, 11, Robbed Store.


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