Chinese fugitive found working as jailor

In China, crime, jailer on September 29, 2011 at 5:10 pm

This is too good to pass on.

Have a read and a laugh (at the CJS’s expenses).

A Chinese fugitive has been discovered working as a prison warden a decade after he went on the run to escape assault charges, the Beijing News reported on Thursday.

Wang Zhijia, 37, was accused of attacking his wife with a brick 10 years ago after the pair argued about a domestic issue.

Police discovered this week that he was working at a prison in eastern China’s Anhui province — around 260 kilometres (160 miles) away from his home in central China, the newspaper reported.

Wang posed as his brother to get a job as an assistant with the police force in Anhui in 2008 and began working at the jail two months ago, it said.

He was caught after police checks found that two people were using the same name and identity card number.

The local police force said Wang had been hired for “temporary work” and that they were investigating what had gone wrong.

Wang’s wife has since divorced him and married another man. She still suffers from headache, amnesia and deafness, the report said.

Chinese fugitive found working as jailor – Yahoo!.


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