‘I’m feeding my boys to death – but I can’t stop’

In abuse, crime, gluttony, mother, obesity, overweight, son on September 23, 2011 at 9:52 am

‘I no longer suffer with diabetes or high blood pressure and I’m much more mobile.”

‘But despite this, the guilt of what I’ve done consumes me. I comfort eat and my weight has plateaued at 17 stone.’

Mathew said: ‘I don’t blame my mum, and I’m really glad she has lost a lot of weight, but I hate being so fat. I just can’t stop eating, even though it’s killing me.’

Joseph added: ‘I have a lot to offer and I want to work, but weighing 29 stone I have no chance. It is really depressing. Food is the only thing that keeps me going.’

When people have problems like this, they should be treated like any other addicts because this is what they are.

When someone says I know it’s killing me, but I can’t stop then you have to get yourself a place straight into rehab.

‘I’m feeding my boys to death – but I can’t stop’ – Parentdish.


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