In crime on September 16, 2011 at 11:30 am

“The viewers are the losers and the Anthonys and Dr. Phil are the winners. Dr. Phil should have been ashamed of putting these people on his show, he should have been ashamed that he staged this event, and the Anthonys should have been ashamed to show their faces in public again. But, hey, there’s money to be made, so the hell with decency, right?”

I’ve no idea what the viewers of programs like Dr. Phil think they get out of it. I never look at programs like these and think, “I’m gonna get the truth.” That’s because I am interested in the truth. The dirty, uncomfortable one. But hey I’m a big girl and interested to hear it. I can take it.

On the other hand, the viewers of the aforementioned program, what are they really after? Sensationalism, gossip, scandal. That’s what I think they’re after. The truth is as far away from their minds as it is a million dollar check.

What do you think? Your thoughts on this one and if you are one of the above viewers let us know why you watch.

via Women in Crime Ink.

  1. I’ve never seen “Dr” Phil. Never seen Oprah. Never seen The View. My guilty pleasure is Repo and Pawn shows 🙂

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