9/11 audio tapes released – AOL Video

In crime on September 13, 2011 at 3:50 pm

When I saw this link, just like many other links I see concerning real crime scenes and alike, I wondered who would listen/view such horrors, why and who decided to put them up and why.

I looked at some real crime scenes a long while ago. I was working on a psychopathic serial killers and thought it would help me get in the right frame of mind.

But I never tried to forget the feeling of disgust I felt at the first glimpse.

I had a sense of intruding, of being in the wrong place.

I made a point not to forget those initial feelings. I thikn they’re very important. As a writer I can utilize them when my characters are in similar situations, but also as a human being.

Far too easy we become accustomed to things that we initially found horrible and disgusting and that is the reason I never try to forget that initial feeling.

9/11 audio tapes released – AOL Video.

  1. The human instinct to stare at tragedy. A train wreck. A car crash. When there’s a bad auto accident on the highway, traffic in the opposite and clear direction slows down to a crawl. Why? Rubberneckers who slow down to stare. Try not to gaze, its actually almost against our nature. We listen with fascination to 911 tapes

  2. Hi D. Thanks for your comment.
    I think that whoever listens to the tapes should ask themselves why.

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