In crime on September 6, 2011 at 4:08 pm

”The mother of a schoolgirl who was bludgeoned to death by her ex-boyfriend has called for the return of the death penalty.”

Now how good would that be? In UK’s history there’s be many instances where the death penalty was applied only to discover years later that the person had been wrongly accused. So why bring it back?

No reason, aside from maybe a sense of closure for the victim’s family. However, is that really so?

What do you feel when you’re sitting there behind that glass wall looking on at the last remaining moments  of the person who killed someone dear to you?

Maybe you feel pleasure, reassurance that justice has been done, revenge.

Maybe you should look at it another way though, from the point of view of the viewer who is looking both at you watching the killer being executed and the killer being put to death.

The scene is gruesome let me tell you. It awakes in me feelings of disgust and my brain can hardly comprehend how a society that called itself civilized can view this as something to do with civilization at all. It is no wonder that it is all hushed hushed and behind closed doors.

Who wants to be the one actually admitting to have witnessed the death of another human being without doing anything about it to prevent it? At that exact moment of the killer’s death, what is really the difference between that killer and the people watching behind the glass? And what difference does it make to society?

If the state justifies the killing of another human being as proper retribution, what keeps the person in the streets from killing with her/his hands in the name of revenge?

via ‘Evil’ 16-year-old killer jailed – Yahoo!.

  1. There are some acts that scream out for Capital Punishment. If there is 100 percent unquestioning evidence, perhaps. Anything less, no

  2. I knew you were going to leave a comment on this one! 😀 Thanks, D.

  3. However it would also be interesting for you to comment on the victim’s family attending the killer’s execution. What do you think of that?

    • Attending an execution. I dunno. Who’s to say what goes thru the mind of someone who is the victim of such a crime. Off the top, I would say, I would not wish to do that. I hear the phrase “closure” all the time. Thats a nice word for “sweet revenge”. It doesn’t bring back your loved ones and honestly I can’t see how you get closure from it, but then again, I’ve never been in that space, and I hope I never will be, so who can say.

  4. Very thoughtful comment, D. Thanks

  5. Oh my this post evokes a lot of demons in me. To be serious, if the person in question had no reasonable motivation to sympathize and was guilty as you can be, I don’t see why we should spare this person either. One murder can be complicated, I give you that. A capital punishment for the basis of murder will always likely give the verdict even to people who dont deserve the punishment for either being innocent or the circumstance. The solution id propose is having more solid proof and better allegations before someone is put on the guillotine. That is if you killed one person it doesn’t automatically give you the death sentence, but if you killed 3 and for the sake having fun it becomes obvious that life wasn’t that precious to begin with for you. Anyone who disregards life, and take theirs for granted in my book doesn’t deserve to live. No one should be allowed to kill and say they are sorry and everyone forget about it. Thats how it works in my country almost. Prove that your a good citizen and not a danger to others (while surrounded by luxury that is not for granted for everyone) and they dont even let you serve more than a few years. I don’t see how that is fair either. Of course you dont want to release a hardened criminal if you treated him like a monster either as it makes it likely that he might do something again (so I am not in favour of any release either).
    Vengeance may not silence hate, but to use resources on those who disregard life (not talking about only murderers here) is wasteful and disgrace to all living things. If someone disregarded others, they should be disregarded too. Even their death wouldn’t be able to justify what they have done to the victims and their families. So I would like to get rid of the problem that caused more problem and focus on educating and helping the next generations to avoid being as selfish.

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