Mother Of Boy Beaten To Death For Urinating On Couch Pleads Guilty – The Dreamin Demon

In crime on September 5, 2011 at 6:05 pm

”The mother of 4-year-old Dominick Calhoun, the boy who was tortured to death over the course of four days, will spend the next 13 to 30 years in prison after she pleads guilty to second-degree murder.”

Corrine Baker, the article says,  is a drug addict. And so is her sister, who went to the house to score from Corrine and Corrine’s boyfriend.

The boyfriend, the article hints, is not only a pusher, but a user and a violent thug who also beats Corrine in the course of Dominique’s four days physical abuse.

My point here is this. Some people shouldn’t be parents. Some people shouldn’t even think of having kids. It is a fact, however, that those very people are also the most prolific.  Why is this?

The reasons are many, but I give a few that I think are the most important.

Ignorance. Inability to think straight (drug addiction/alcoholism/mental problems).  Poverty and therefore inability to terminate a pregnancy.

In all these instances, the arrival of another mouth to feed, another being to take care of and be responsible for only exacerbates an already difficult situation. And realistically, what are the prospects for that individual? What sort of future would a person look at when (s)he is being brought up in an environment reeked with drug/alcohol abuse and penury?

From an early age, they get a harsh gist of a very tough existence. The chances of this individual growing up to be an ”honest” contributor to society are much slimmer than the average person. Not to mention the eternal question that nags at the back of my mind whenever I come face to face with such cases. Why bring a child into a world where the parent is already struggling big time to survive?

They say that people procreate for selfish reasons. To have someone to keep their memory alive.

I have never bought into that idea.

There are plenty of other more fulfilling and contributing ways to do so and perhaps it is time to change the way society thinks of one’s self-worth.

The creation of a life isn’t always the best solution for an individual. Ask Dominique and the millions of children who have died at the ends of people who just shouldn’t have been even considering the thought of parenthood.

Mother Of Boy Beaten To Death For Urinating On Couch Pleads Guilty – The Dreamin Demon.


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