PM accuses BBC over riots coverage – Yahoo!

In crime on September 2, 2011 at 5:12 pm

The BBC and SkyNews coverages of the past riots have come under attack.

This isn’t new. Earlier when the riots were still very fresh in the viewers’ mind, concerned were already being raised. And here we are again with the PM bringing it up in an interview and even refusing to shut up or change the subject until his point is fully out in the open.

Television has the power to broadcast in real time events occurring in any part of the world if a tv camera is present.

The role of the media is to inform and that’s exactly what the BBC and SkyNews were doing during those three days of rioting. How can that be wrong?

Complaints however have been expressed on those very television screens about the role of that coverages. Some argued that those very images of free looting were catalysts to some people’s wish to join in and get one’s share.

Well this is true. Isn’t it why coverage of flooding and famine and natural disasters are for? To stir people’s emotions in helping those who are suffering?

The same can be said for wars. Some people witnessing dreadful events might feel the urge to help their country and join the army.

For better or worse, this is the role of the media and the role of live television coverage.

What do you think? Were the BBC and SkyNews wrong to broadcast live coverage of the riots?

What side are you on? Drop us a line and share your views.

PM accuses BBC over riots coverage – Yahoo!.


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