In crime on August 30, 2011 at 12:12 pm

”As jurors begin their deliberations in the case of Brandon McInerney,  my mind returns to the first case that introduced us all to the term gay panic defense.”

I had never heard of the ”gay panic defence”  prior to reading the article by Holly Hughes, but as soon as I processed it in my brain I couldn’t help chuckle. All so predictable. A defence set up by men for men. No doubt about that.

Let’s break it down. The key word here is panic. It conveys images of irrationality and fear so strong that the person can’t even bring himself to reason straight.

Men like that. Over the centuries, they have built their ”character” on such foundations. Against women, against black, yellow, red, against lesbians and gays, against common sense and against growing up.

It seems it is easier for them to make themselves ”victims” than to actually get a grip and take responsibility for their feeble, weak, fearful self.

Got any opinion on that. Drop us a line.

Women in Crime Ink.

  1. This reminds me of the Supervisor Harvey Milk / Mayor George Moscone double murder. Dan White’s legal representation used the now-infamous “twinkie defense” which stated White suffered from “diminished capacity” due to a depressive state caused by a change in diet to sugary foods like Twinkies. The result was a jury found him guilty of voluntary manslaugher and not first degree murder. The gay community in SFo was outraged. However for those who like Schadenfreude, White, after serving serveral years in jail, was released and later commited suicide.

  2. Ya, the perpetrator turning ”victim”. Buck up and take responsibility for your actions!

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