In crime on August 29, 2011 at 11:32 am

”Magistrates have rejected accusations from the leader of Britain’s prison governors that there has been a “feeding frenzy” in sentencing after the recent riots.”

Well, I’m not surprised. Are you?

Why would the magistrate accept something so counterproductive to the institution he represents? It requires a clear insight and honesty with themselves that very few possess or uphold. It takes guts, a quality that has increasingly been disappearing.

Personally, I think the PGA’s accusation is founded and very much justified.

In past blogs regarding the unjustified sentences meted out by the courts, I did express similar concerns.

Different solutions should be looked at to deal with the rioters who took over the city a couple weeks ago.

As it is, the courts and authorities are not only crushing people’s basic civil rights, but showing a side that they certainly don’t want to make public. Fear.

Who do you agree with the PGA or the magistrates?

Magistrates reject riots criticisms – Yahoo!.


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