In crime on August 26, 2011 at 6:02 pm

How many? And why?

This one in particular is about rape. It points the finger at the police unwillingness to process rape kits.

It’s an old news. For years people have been aware of the police reticent to investigate rape crimes and for years they have been denying that the reason has all to do with misogynism.

Years have passed. A huge number of women is now working in the police force. Is the reason still the same or a simple inability for the police to stay on top of their workload?

Women in Crime Ink.

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  1. Police attitudes in general have changed. Sometimes in very subtle ways. They seem more…militarized. More prone to assumptions that don’t require any thought behind what they see. The police do what they want to do. The enforce that which they feel like enforcing.

  2. Thanks for your comment, DR.
    I agree with you. However, that is clearly the wrong approach and with more women in the force reaching high ranking positions I do expect things to change for the better, for a more equal and ”blind” justice. If not, why expect the public to be law abiding, not to riot, or just cause mayhem? The police force is a public service, paid by the public. If they fail the very people who pay their salary, they should be made redundant.

    • “To serve and protect” The demographics of any police service should represent the jurisdiction they are sworn to serve. After the LA riots, a new police chief was hired who went about the job of increasing interaction with the various communites. A more hands-on approach. And interestingly, after the recent riots in England, that same person was brought in by Scotland yard as a consultant.

  3. He sure was. And his opinion was that the English riots were of a very different dynamic to the American ones. However, as far as I’m aware, his conclusion clashed with that of the PM ie an indiscriminate tough on rioters policy.

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