In crime on August 19, 2011 at 6:14 am
This is San Francisco, not Egypt.
Is it or it just no longer matters where we are. The UK Prime Minister, after the riots of the past week, has put forward the idea of shutting down social networks and cell phone networks to prevent people intent on causing trouble to communicate with each other.
BART police did it for the same reason. To prevent people from protesting against the murder of a homeless by BART police last week.
Prevention is the excuse behind a blatant violation of civil rights. But I say it is more like fear.
The world authorities are fearful and civil rights violation is the result.
What do you think about BART latest course of action? What do you think about the world’s authorities course action when face to face with an unhappy and troubled population?
  1. I heard about BART on CNN. Civil Rights are evaporating faster than water in texas. Doh.

  2. haha. yah, you’re spot on, DR.

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