Sentences “disproportionate and somewhat hysterical”

In crime, trial by public on August 18, 2011 at 7:14 am

”Too tough sentences” spark warning

The riots in the UK are behind us and now it is the criminal justice system’s turn to show their tough side. Or is it?

Should the courts dish out tougher punishments than they normally would to show that certain actions and behaviors aren’t tolerated in today’s UK society? And most importantly would it work or would the punished be given even more reasons for resentment, feelings of injustice, revenge, contempt, disappointment, victimization and reinforce the already shaky belief in society?

Furthermore there are other factors to take into consideration. Tougher sentences mean more people in jail. This will lead to overcrowding. Those unusually tough sentences will be overturuned on appeal. This will mean more tax payers’ money wasted in a climate where money is already tight.

What is your view on the topic. Drop me a comment.


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