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Meditation In American Prisons

Impact of Meditation on Prison Inmates: 3 Soul Touching Documentaries

The current criminal justice system doesn’t work. Hardly anyone can argue with that. High recidivism rate and well-documented violence within prison walls are all evidence that such a system cannot and does not help prisoners improve themselves.

The uneducated by and large remain uneducated, criminal skills are perfected and hardly any new skill developed, new contacts are made that will come in handy once back out in the world. Criminal contacts that is.

With hardly any incentive to ameliorate oneself, how can anyone be expected to change one’s life, one’s world, one’s future? It is an impossibility.

Among lifers, religion is a big thing, but once again the inmate is faced with impossible achievement that will inevitably signal a defeat. Sure, in prison, in isolation, it is hard not to ‘’sin’’, but the surreal world of religion doesn’t truly bestow freedom, happiness, success, just a palliative to a life that can no longer be called life.

How about a new approach to development, self-improvement, self-awareness and self-discovery?

Recent studies and courses have shown that meditation can and does deliver a way for people in the criminal justice system, inmates and guards alike (who also need help in dealing with the harsh reality of prison life) to deal with their present situation. Meditation is a way to self-discovery, not a set of expectations, making everyone a winner.

This is only a suggestion of course, if you have any other share it with us. We will be happy to read it and comment.

  1. Interesting views on that!

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