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Handwriting Detective Weighs in on Casey Anthony’s Script

I have just finished reading an article by handwriting detective Michelle Dresbold.

It was thoroughly fascinating. The science behind the simple scribbling of letters and the psychology that it relates to. However, more fascinating still, to me at least, is the unabating hunger for the unattainable task to know every single aspect about Casey Anthony.

This case just doesn’t seem to shut up! Why?

More and more news are coming out of the court room, the prison, the police service. Everyone has something to say about her. Everyone has something to point out about Casey Anthony’s behavior, words, conduct in court.

The public is hungry for news and the media is feeding it big juicy pieces. Once again I ask, why?

Why is the public so ravenous for news about Casey Anthony?

Is it because of her persona?

The crime she was tried for?

The question that I feel more pressing though is why is the public so eager to condemn and even spill into a criminal mind themselves with threats to her life and promises of revenge? And why is it viewed as acceptable by some pockets of people or individuals to turn into vigilantes?

Is it true outrage for the crime allegedly committed or a deeper and more disturbing sentiment? A chance to let out one’s anger and demons onto a sudden society outcast?

Let those wacky creative thoughts out of the bag and share them with the rest of us. I look forward to reading them.

  1. I really enjoyed reading this blog. If it does not change the reader’s opinion of the case, it is definitely persuasive enough to teach the the reader to view the case with a different set of lenses. For me personally, it proposes several questions especially geared toward the power of media. More importantly, this makes me wonder if one of society’s defense mechanisms is to find the criminal and the evil in others. Perhaps this way, members of society feel like their own faults are diminished if the alleged faults of others are centerstage. MAR

    • That’s a real interesting perspective, MAR. Yes, I do agree with you in that respect. Media coverage has to be taken with a pinch of salt. Nothing is a hundred percent true or false.

  2. The first thing I thought of while looking at online material about Casey Anthony’s trial was the death of Welsh filmmaker James Miller back in ’03. He was shooting a documentary on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in Rafah when a single shot fired by Israel defense forces killed him. The Palestinians subsequently posted his picture on a wall among dozens or possibly hundreds of Palestinian martyrs and claimed him as one of their own. Now his name and image will be forever be associated with one side of the conflict as a symbol of hatred toward the other by them when he just happened to be caught in the middle, probably while working on a project intended to inspire peace and understanding.

    And here ‘justice’ seekers have turned poor little Caylee Anthony’s name into a battlecry against her own family and incomparable other cases likely to follow in a war she will, sadly, never grow to understand or know.

    It’s a terrible shame. CASPER

    • The people against Casey Anthony may view themselves as ”justice” seekers however, they are very far from it. Just a bunch of hooligans out to mete out violence to people they perceive deserving of such treatment. Where is justice in all of that?

  3. Crime and punishment is becoming close to being a part of entertainment in America. Reminds me of the movie NETWORK

    • I’ve never seen the Network or heard of it, but I’ll check it out. Yes, what once a theatre only in the courts of justice of the world is now turning into pure and unadulterated entertainment in the house of millions. How is this going to change the way we look at law, law making and law breakers?

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