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Here’s a dick to author story courtesy of Ken Lang, the latest true crime writer sensation.

Lang has been nominated a winner at the The Author’s Show 2011 “50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading” for his first book Walking Among the Dead.

The book features stories of rape, robberies and murders that Lang dealt with  in the course of his 22 years in the police force.

Happy reading everyone.

True Crime Author, Ken Lang, Named “50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading”.


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Knox walks out of court a free woman.

Knox cleared of murdering Kercher | AOL News.


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Today is the day that see Amanda Knox getting sentenced or freed?

Have you been following the case? If you have you have probably made up your mind about her innocence or guilty.

I haven’t followed it much, but I have been picking up words here and there used by her accusers and that got me thinking.

What if the Italian justice saw this young woman, put two and two together and came up with Amanda Fox, the Femme Fatale that raped and killed.

If you think I’m going too far, take a look at the Italian justice system. If you see something that makes sense in there, you should have a rest. You’re probably hallucinating. To top it all, Italian men are notorious for being a bunch of misogynistic dicks (take a look at their PM!)

So really I wouldn’t put it past the idiotic policemen (yes, I doubt there are any women in the Italian police) see an attractive young woman, an Italian guy, a body and get down to business to cut as many corners as possible and build a case against her.

This is Italy. Corruption, misogynism and laziness are part and parcel of every day life, even when it involves wrongful conviction.

Amanda Knox verdict: live updates – Telegraph.


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“A 22-year-old man was raped by a stranger while he was walking along a footpath, police have said.”

This is a first. As far as I know at least.

Guy on guy rape used to be considered the safest crime ever because no dude would ever go to the cops to report the sexual assault.

I think rapists with a preference for men are still pretty safe. However, the fact that the victim actually reported the attack is certainly a step forward. The cops taking it seriously is beyond believable. And the victim’s name actually being reported in the article is right out of Mars.

Are things changing or maybe you have another opinion about the whole thing. If so, drop us a line. We’ll be happy to hear about them.

via Man, 22, raped in footpath attack | AOL News.