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A new remake of the Bronte sisters’ work. Why?
Why remake a film made already over twenty times from the same book when, every day, new and exciting stories are published?
Is it because no one like the Bronte sisters’ work inspire scriptwriters and directors?
Is it because producers, scriptwriters and directors don’t want to take any chances, but rather bet on something they know has raked in decent money and interest over the years?
Millions of books since the Bronte sisters’ work have been published. Some of them depicting their era and current events with deadly accuracy and in that way talking to millions of readers through their characters’ hardships and joys and yet, no director, producer or scriptwriter has ever thought of turning that compelling story into a film. Why is that?
I am not convinced that it all comes down to the Bronte sisters’ ability to grab people’s imagination or describe the turmoil and heartbreaks of a generation.
I believe it is more an inability on the producers, directors and scriptwriters’ part to break free from the past and the certainty and explore new territories with characters who are not tried and tested, who are difficult and controversial sure to raise uncomfortable questions and issues. Better is to stay on the old path with stories that yes, deal with uneasy issues, but in a so gentle way as not to upset the spectators’ fragile world.
The Brontë sisters are always our contemporaries – Telegraph.


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“A total of 38% of workers admitted that they would prefer for a colleague to lose their job than to have their own pay packet reduced.”

I’ve always maintained that nothing like an office environment and culture stir those killing feelings in a person and this article just confirms it.

If you want to give up your true self and join a band of gossipy, nasty creatures, whose main job consists of pretending to be working then don your suit and march down to an office near you .

Life will never be the same again.

The article goes on to say that “the ruthless approach of a large proportion of employees highlights how money is the main motivating factor in the workplace for many people.”

Ha! And we needed a study to find this out.

Who on earth would anyone want to spend their days trapped between four walls with people with no life ready to stab each other in the back at the first available opportunity?

There’s better be a good reason for that and since money really makes the world go round and keepa a roof over our head and food in our stomach, well, yes, that motive enough, wouldn’t you say?

Workers’ ruthless streak revealed – Telegraph.